Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My review of Nature Box

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Please note:  This is not a paid advertisement, and I am not affiliated with Nature Box at all, except I became their customer.  This is a product and service that I chose to review, in case anyone is on the fence about trying the company.
Everyone is trying to get healthy.   It does not matter where you are in life, everyone wants to live longer.  It is the steady growing trend in this country to do everything that is:
  • Less stressful
  • Positive
  • Healthy
  • Less cluttered

Normally, I talk about the best way to organize in your life, but today is another review.  It has been a while, and I excited about this review, because it involves snack food.   The typical snack food is full of stuff that makes a person blotted, and they are not healthy for the long haul.   I am not here to tell you how to eat, for there are plenty of blogs and websites out there to “preach” to the importance of eating healthy.   I am here to tell you about a company that has healthy snacks for those of you, who do want to make a change in your life.
What is Nature Box?
If you had the chance to try a membership or two, that allows you to get a box of products for you to try each month, how would that make you feel?  I have done this type of membership before.   Think about your record clubs, book clubs, and magazine subscriptions.  They are all part of this trend of getting like items, in bulk, to make your life easier in terms of buying habits.  I have also gotten scrapbooking, card making memberships, and recipe card memberships.  You pay one set price per month, and you get your products through some sort of delivery system.  In case you have been in the dark, there are now food subscriptions, such as chocolates, beer, and meals.  As I said in the beginning of this review, Nature box is a healthy snack monthly subscription. Their mission, according to the quote on the back of one of the bags:
“At Nature Box, we believe snacking can be a part of a well-balanced lifestyle, which is why we deliver a world of carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved foods right to your door.  Made from the most wholesome ingredients-with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors-we make snacking healthy, delicious, and easy.”  
There are three different size boxes, each with different types of snacks: savory or sweet.  You can choose your snacks, like I did, or have a surprise box.   The reason why I chose to pick my own was from a person, who I follow regularly on YouTube, named Austin Nulls, of Nive Nulls fame.  In case you are not familiar with The Nive Nulls, Austin and his wife Brittany have an almost 2-year old daughter and a 4-month old son.  Their YouTube Channel is The NiveNulls, which I have highlighted with a link.  Their vlog on homelife and their children.  He was instructing another person who had just gotten her first Nature Box on how to order each month.
What size fit your snack need?
As I was saying, there are 3 different size boxes for you to choose from:  Small (5 bags and the size I choose), Medium (10 bags), and Large (20 bags, but who’s counting?). I am the only one in my household and may have a person or two to come over and help me eat it.  I have cut back my eating, because I need to lose weight.   10 bags are perfect couple box, and 20 bags are for that family who has a revolving door kitchen (in other words, kids who have lots of friends over).  The small deluxe box will cost you around $19.95 per month, Medium happy snacker will run you $29.95, and the large smart snacker will run you $49.95.
My snacks for my first box….
I chose 5 bags for my first box, and I am stick to 5 bags, which seems a lot.  Like I said, I do have family to come over, so everything will not be going into my belly.  when I received the box, not only did I receive the 5 bags, but I got a list of the items I ordered, a welcome card, and a little note explaining that they are transitioning over to new packaging, which to me it is wonderful to know. 
The first one that I wanted to try was the Baked SweetPotato Fries.  I have had the traditional sweet potato fries before, but they were the one you cut up a whole sweet potato (or yams), and cook them like traditional fries.  Some dining places add salt, while others either add cayenne pepper or cinnamon and sugar.   They can also be fatten from all the oil, so I was happy to see this bag on the menu.  Not when I put it in my mouth.  It has all the taste of your typical sweet potato fry, without the sweet potato flavor, and I had sweet potatoes without all the traditional flavors, a plain sweet potato.  I will not be getting this one again.
Next is the south pacific plantains.  In case you are not familiar with plantains, they are the banana’s starchy cousin.  It is traditional used in Caribbean and Spanish cuisine, especially in Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and Brazil.  The have gain popularity in the States, because of the people who immigrated here.   In this case, the plantains are made into a chip form, and they are delicious.  I have had other brands before, so this is the healthier version of chips.  I will be ordering them again.
The third bag is called Fuji apples.  They are sliced Fuji apples that have been dried into a chip form, like the plantain chips.  They are a little bit on the chew side, but tasty.  I have never tried Fuji apples in the store, so I will have to buy the non-dried version.  I will be ordering them again
The fourth bag is called whole wheat apple pie figgy bars.   Think of a healthy Fig Newton with apples in it (by the way, apple newtons are still my favor, but you have to hunt all over creation to find them).  The traditional Newtons are made with processed flour, but these are made with whole wheat, and are quite delicious.  I have always said that if I cannot what a snack bar can give you, I do not want it.  I will be ordering them again.
I saved the best for last, and I got these because Austin said that this was his wife’s favor.   It is called Black and White Granola.  Do not, I repeat, do not let the name fool you.  It is just simply cocoa and vanilla flavored granola, and it is nutritionist approved (says so right on the package).  If you are a sweet-a-holic, chocoholic (Card-carrying one at that), and who loves granola, this is the one for you.    I can see why Brittany likes it. 

So over all, I love it.  You will love it too, because when you order your first box, instead of paying $19.95 for it, the cost is only, $9.95.  That is $10 off your first box.  You can cancel anytime, so you are not locked into a membership, but I do recommend that you try it for yourself, to see if this is something that you will like.   Like I said, you can either choose what you want in the box or have them surprise you.  If the 5 bags are not enough, you have 2 other sizes to choose from.  One thing I forgot to mention.  For those of you on portion control, each bag is about 5 oz. So, you cannot sit and gorge off of a bag, and if you like it, order more for the next month. When you decide to order, you can use code share10off in the coupon box for your first box.  Again the URL is and enjoy.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

To recycle or not to recycle…humm, now there is a thought.

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We are a throwaway society.   I am not going to lie or sugarcoat the idea.  We were taught as a nation to get rid of everything and reuse nothing.  That was so 20th century and it seems that it is still so 21st century as well.  Let’s look at some cold, hard facts…
In 2009, according to Freecycle, an organization which people can get rid of their unwanted stuff, and give it to someone else for free, 25% of all electronics, 38% of computers, 17% of television sets, and 8% of mobile phones were no longer useful and were collected for recycling.
By that same statistics report, of the 17 million tons of glass created in this country (U.S.) only 3 million were collected and recycled.  63.5% of paper was recycled, but we threw away $2.8 billion (with a “B”) of paper.  This was in 2010.   Of that number, only 87% (268 million) Americans were accessed to curbside service either through their town or a private company.  
One more fact, then I will leave you alone.  In that same year (2010) 80% of the paper collected went to paper mills which required it.  This means that these companies were willing to turn used paper into recycled paper for us to use.  The rest was transported to China for them to use.   The Chinese and Japanese have better recycling programs than we do.
As a side note, my condominium complex just started recycling (blue recycle bins half the size as the garbage cans) March 1, 2014!!  The reason:  complaints from the property owners.  In fact, the company, which manages the property I live at, tried to stop it from coming, and encouraged us to call the city to have the cans removed.   I have not called yet, because I want to do my part, and I am not going to call either.  I have a nice spot in the garage where my blue can exists now, and I am happy about it.  People in single family homes had it for about a year before apartments and condo complexes, because they were afraid where all the cans were going.
So, what can you do to make this place called planet Earth more beautiful?  Simply stop wasting.   Join a freecycle group (I did 5 years ago-called Freecycle Columbus).  I was able to get rid of several things, and save a ton of money too.   As long as your stuff isn’t anything that is beyond repair, go for it.  If you need the money, try Ebay or similar.  If your city has a recycle program, use it.  It is better than piling a bunch of paper to take to the local recycle place.  If your city or town does not have a program, find a recycle bin or private company.   Recycle all unwanted, unable to use electronics and appliances to a company that accepts them.  And finally, if you craft, upcycle stuff.  Upcycling is when you take something like a piece of furniture and alter it for another purpose.  Save your scraps if you do papercrafting.   I am not saying don’t to buy anything new, but if you do not mind getting an older product than the latest and greatest, go for it. 
Tip:  Turn off all lights when you are not using the room.  Spring will be here in a week, and it is time to get rid of all the gloom in the house.  Open windows and doors, and let the freshness in.  Be careful not to let everyone else in.   Security is still top priority.

Be Blessed.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

coupons on Amazon

Sample of Amazon's coupon page
Everyone wants to save a buck or two, and it is a good thing, because I just found out 5 mins ago there were grocery coupons you can print out on Amazon.   It makes sense, because Amazon has everything else, why not offer coupons.
I am always looking for a new site to clip coupons, because to be honest, not all sites are the same, and you have to do your homework, before you clip.
Some of the features I have noticed about this area.  Not only do they have grocery coupons for you to clip, but there are office supply coupons, Health care, and other coupons, such as furniture and  electronics.

So, for all you coupon clippers out there in cyber-land, here you go, and check back often, you never know what food (or anything else) will be on Amazon.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Household Guide: The basics (or what’s in your Household guide?)

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Again, Happy New Year!!! Yeah, yeah, I know…I said it once too often.  You had a couple weeks of recovering from the holidays, do you have your decorations put up for the year?  Good, good.  You have your 2014 regulation size calendar?   Planners are good, or even the el cheapos you get from your real estate or bank year after year to remind you that they are still around, in case you want to sell your house, or open up a new account.  Not too many, because you do not have that many rooms in your humble abode.  Do you have your household guide cleared of 2013 items and ready to use it for 2014?   WHAT, YOU DON’T?  OK, don’t panic, there is still time, even if you never had one before, they are really quite easy to make.  They are a little time consuming, but if you do not want to create a behemoth of a household guide (like the one mine is turning out to be), shrink it or put it into smaller chunks.  This is where your college 3-ring binders come in handy if you still have them.  You can even purchase one at a dollar or thrift store.  They do not have to come from a big box store, unless you like the style of Staples’ notebook (like me-oh I am outing myself in a bad way here, so let me shut up on that subject).
In 2012, I had taken the plunge to make one, but I did not complete it.   Youcan read about it in this post on this blog.  I broke my number one rule:  “do not bite no more than you can chew.”   I became overwhelm with excitement, until I choked in my own excitement.  I hope that makes sense to you.  After all, that is one of our frailties as humans.  I also broke my #2 rule:  “Attitude makes all the difference in the world.” Have you ever had the attitude of a 2 year old?  I use the example of a 2 year old, because either they want to do something, or they wanted to do something that sounded good at the time, but then they thought about it, and the answer was really “no,” so they balked at the idea. Adults can become the same way.   So these are my reasons for not having a 2013 household guide.
What’s in the guide?
What you put in your household guide is entirely up to you?  Each person is different and each household is different.  The trick is when you have more than yourself to think about.  You cannot just tell your family of four that the family will be organized for the first time this year.   There needs to be a discussion, and each member, matter how small, has to contribute to the guide.   More on that later.  If you are a person of one like me, it is easier to start something like this, but again, it starts with your attitude. 
 Let start with a calendar…
That is what I am starting with.   I have several, but my master calendar is on my main computer, my Ipad, and my phone.   Here is how I figured it out.
I have 6 sets of paper calendars, each with different reasons why I have them for now.   5 of the sets are for Blog posts (I have 5 blogs), while the 6th one has my Longaberger and Your Inspiration at Home party dates, if someone schedules a home party (and trust me, they will not be scheduled at the same time.)  All that information is entered into my devices, which is linked together.  (yes, Apple and PC computers DO play nicely together now.)
You can create your calendars based on your work schedule, your child’s massive schedule, church activities your family participates in, school schedule, anything.  Here is a tip:  sometimes you have to let a child be a child, and let them wind down and play.  From one aunt to a mom. I have not reached mom status yet, but I have seen some children’s schedules that can curl your hair.  It is nice to keep them busy, but not that busy.
Cleaning the what?
Next is my cleaning schedule.   Now, I know why Martha Stewart is such as neat freak, because I downloaded her mini guide on, and to me, she does not want you to have a life outside of cleaning, so I will have to modify this guide (using some of her methods, not all).  She has a big house, I have a small condo, LOL.   But I am working on that portion of the household guide as I type.  I also have a mommy, so a lot of her tips will go in as well. Everything is divided up by room, and yes, food prep is under kitchen. Again, your cleaning schedule will be different from mine.
Time management
This ties into the calendar, so no worries.
Finally, some bonuses….
You heard me right, bonuses.   There are some files that do not require me to have a binder with.  I have a file drawer and other binders for that.   For instance, I go to Bible study, so I have a separate binder for that.  Craft supply inventory has a separate binder, and I have a couple more binders.  There will be a reference sheet for each, and who knows, my businesses may end up being in a separate binder.   I will never know until I try to see if I need more room in the 2” binder.   You can have as many binders as you need, but again, do not overwhelm yourself.

I will keep you updated, but in the meantime, be blessed, my friend.  Be organized, but have some time for some relaxation as well.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Talking about new stuff Tuesday: Hummus

Starting a new thing tonight.   Talk about new stuff Tuesday is going to be every Tuesday, and even if I have 2 minutes Eastern Time to type this before it goes into Wednesday, I thought that this is one of the things I try to do in this blog this year.  So I am writing in my blog idea book and declare this to be forevermore, Talk about new stuff Tuesday. Geez, I feel like Queen Clarisse of Disney’s Princes Diaries played by Dame Julie Andrews (yes, she is a Dame, I looked it up, given to her by Queen Elizabeth II)
What is Talking about New Stuff going to be about?  Well, new foods for starts.  We are not talking hamburgers and French Fries here.   You will not hear about hot dogs either.  Healthy alternatives?  Yes, but not all the time.   Fun foods?  You bet.   Food that you never thought about putting into your mouth.   Stay tuned, because the first entry is all about a food that is fun, healthy, and you never thought you would put that in your mouth.  May I introduce to some, re-introduce to others…. Hummus.

Monday, January 13, 2014

An apology

Where did the time go?  I am frazzled.   Does that sound like you?   It sounds like me and lately, every time I have something to do (like get this and my other blogs organized to be self-sufficient), life gets in the way. 
I had this idea at the end of the year to show you how to get rid of the old, and welcome 2014 with open arms, but you know what?   It is the second full week of January, and I am throwing the baby out with the bath water (something that my grandmother used to say).  I am going to talk to you like this your first time here (and for many who are just finding this blog it is) so here goes nothing….
Hello, my name is Patricia Logan, and I am a slob.  Yes, I admit it.  I am a slob, and you are too, or you would not be reading this right now.  I created this blog, not only because I want to gain something from what I learn from organizing, but I practice, teach you, and we can practice together.
So now you are wondering, why I decided to write a blog such as this if I am not an expert?  It is very simple.  I AM an expert and I am organized, but not in a way that you may think that I am organized.  For the last 2 years, I am an organized mess.  Most people do not realize it, until they start stumbling over their stuff, and for a busy person like me, you are not reminded of that stumbling, until you have to a major renovation.   In my case, replacing carpet and painting the walls.  They needed it, but in order to do that, I had to clear out my stuff.  
photo by
So after clear out the furniture, the office supplies, the scrapbook supplies, electronic gadgets, dishes that cannot fit in the kitchen because you are a direct seller of a home d├ęcor company, and you must have samples, and a whole host of other items that you did not part with when you move from not one apartment, not two, but a room in your parent’s home, it was time.   It was time to say enough with it.  So after the home office, dining room, and living room was cleared, I started purging.  I never felt better in my entire life.  I got a new computer desk out of the deal (courtesy of my father).  Everything even after 3 months in, is taking shape.
I have a question to ask you….what you need to purge?  Experts say that if it has not been used in a while (longer than 3 months) since you used something, it is time to chuck it to the curb.  I have one better.  Go through this little task with each item you are thinking about throwing away:

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year From Simply Organized Crafts…

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The season has just begun, and it is a brand, new year, just waiting for new ideas, and new memories.   There are so many things and places to explore, and they are in your own back yard.  After all, it is the winter season.
During the cozy weather season, do the following things to get ready for the spring…
1)      Grab a bunch of magazines and highlight your likes and absolute faves
2)      Try a new recipe
3)      Turn up the heat one night, break out the shorts, and have a summer day.
4)      Turn down or off the heat one night, grab a bunch of blankets, and snuggle for a full night of movies and your favorite snacks.
5)      Turn off the social media (this includes, GASP, no texting), and have an old-fashioned family game night.
6)      Have a “clean the fridge” night.  Take out all the frozen foods, cook them up (A *hint* to #2), and invite friends and loved ones to do the same.   Location:  Your house.
7)      Start a gratitude journal if you have not already done so.
8)      Start saving for a vacation, even if it one penny at a time
9)      Try a new hobby.  10 points if that hobby becomes a business venture by December 31, 2014.
10)  Find new ways to save up, and put it in the save jar.
11)  Learn a new exercise.
12)  Set goals that do not have end dates, that way you are not disappointed if you did not make it.
13)  Start a blog about anything that is interesting to you.  You may find that other people are interested too.
14)  Make a video about what you want to be when you grow up.  It does not have to be for just the kids.
15)  Learn about new cultures.   Another hint to #2.
16)  Have a new way of thinking.
17)  Be prepared to volunteer your services.  It’s not just for the spring and summer months anymore.
18)  Started thinking about what you can doing frugally to save money, even if you earn tons of it.
19)   Learn to say “I Love You” often.
20)  Learn to be grateful for the little things.  A *hint* to #7.
These are the first 20 that I can think of (I ran out of steam).   Make 2014 a year to shine, to build, and to make new discoveries, that is my goal, so when 2015 comes around, it will be a great habit to have.

Be blessed in this new year and always keep smiling.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sweater Weather Tag

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I am off my Blogher questions for the day, because I had a bad start to it.   However, I found a sweater weather tag on You Tube, and started to get out my phone to vlog it.  Well, I changed my mind and decided to blog.   I will start vlogging in January.
Before I get started, I will explain what a tag is.   There are some questions that are floating on You Tube and in the blogging world.  You have to answer them, then tag some people, so they can answer them.   I hope I explained it enough.  Here are the questions:
1. Favorite candle scent?  My favorite scent at the moment is peppermint.  I love the holiday aspect to the scent, and to me, everything is fresh and clean.
2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Love them all.  I have a Keurig coffee machine, so K-cups are my friends, LOL.  I can go to the grocery store, and get any of them, plus I have one of those adapters.  In the adapter, I can put in ground coffee (like the Longaberger private reserve coffee), and I also have tea that I can place in as well. Love my coffee machine.  
3. What's the best fall memory you have? I just remember when I lived at my parent’s house as an adult and sitting by the fireplace.  My father was (and still is) the one who turns on the fireplace.  My mother will not touch it.  Then I would get a blanket from my room, and cuddle under it. 
4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?  I do not wear much makeup, and when I do, it is Mary Kay Cosmetics.  So I wear the lipstick or lip liner.  I do not know how to use the winged eyeliner, and I am afraid of putting anything near my eyes, except contacts.
5. Favorite fall fragrances?  I do not wear a scent, because I have sensitive skin (I had eczema since the age of 8 months).  If I wear any, I tend to go with a light scent from Bath and Body event in the fall.
6. Favorite Thanksgiving food? Love my turkey, dressing, mashed potato, and gravy combo.  When I fix my plate I put the turkey, dressing, and mash potatoes together then drizzle gravy all over the three of them.  Lastly as I an eating them, I will mix.  I love it that way.
7. What is autumn weather like where you live? Ohio weather, got to love it or hate it.   I hate it.  This year there was no fall weather.  It was either too hot or too cold.  No in between, which is what Ohio weather usually is.  We had snow on Halloween and Thanksgiving was a balmy 65 degrees plus.
8. Must-have fall nail polishes?  I am just getting back into nail polishes, because I have been biting my nails for years, so to me, it was not worth me having nail polish.  I used to like the French manicure, I am not sure that is a trend anymore. I am currently in the hunt for a good nail polish, so if you have a suggestion, please comment below.
9. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?  Nope, not at all.  I do not like pumpkin.  I am loving the eggnog latte at Starbucks.  I want to try the gingerbread, but heard it is a hit or miss.
10. Favorite fall blushes? Again with not wearing too much makeup, but if I do, I tend to go towards the color closest to my lip color.
Well, that is it for now.  I hope I have given you food for thought with my answers.  What are some of your answers to these questions?
Here are the questions:
1. Favorite candle scent?
2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
3. What's the best fall memory you have?
4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner?
5. Favorite fall fragrances?
6. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
7. What is autumn weather like where you live?
8. Must-have fall nail polishes?
9. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
10. Favorite fall blushes?

I would love to hear them in the comments section.  Until then, have a blessed day, my friend.

P.S.:  I am tagging anyone who has a blog to place this in a blog post or a Vlog post on You tube.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lesson Learned: Change your filter….or get it looked at.

I want to school you on a little tip:   change your heating filter at least once a month.    I learned the lesson the hard way.   I was sitting at my desk, checking Facebook, when all of a sudden, my smoke alarm went off.   I knew I was not cooking something, which is usually the reason for it going off.   The smoke alarm is next to the kitchen door.   Then I remembered that I had not changed my filter since April.   Not funny when your hallway fills up with smoke.   If that does not work (like I also found out), it may be time to get it looked at.
The best time for general maintenance to the heater is in the summertime, before cold weather sets in.  While you are at it, schedule time for the AC as well.   Do a monthly schedule for filters, because it affects the air conditioner and schedule at the same time each month..       

Be blessed, my friend.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blogging for me: A tech journal

I would not call this a Techie Tuesday or Thursday, because today is Friday (well technically I have 1 hour and 15 minutes to write it to qualify as a Friday post).  If you were curious in a strange way on how I got started blogging and how I blog, you have come to the right place.
First of all, I did not just started writing a blog and deem it golden.  It take lots of hard planning and dealing with the ups and downs of blogging.   After all, you might be doing this for the rest of your life.  Here are the top reasons why a person might start blogging (try top 5 according to
  1. To express your thoughts and feelings.   Everyone has an opinion and something that they would like to get off their chest.   It might be their opinions of fashion, the way the government is running things, or how they achieve peace.
  2. To market or promote something.   I have 5 blogs (crazy huh?), but they are very different from each other.  Of the 5, I have 2 that market a product.   Tricia’s baskets promotes The Longaberger Company and how to decorate with their products.  I post specials and featured products on this blog, and as long as I am going by Longaberger’s standards, they do not have a problem with me using this venue on top of the free website they give me to take orders.   P.Lynne Designs is a place where I show off and promote my paper crafting projects and reviews of tools.
  3. To help people.   Do you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart?  Blogging is the place to talk about animal abuse, the environment, or the Homeless and how people can help.
  4. To establish yourself as an expert.  If you are a doctor, lawyer, or someone like Martha Stewart?   If you are, you might want to start a blog.   I never claim to be an expert, but I know what I like and what works for me.  A blog is the perfect place to showcase that talent.
  5. To connect with people like you.   I know, that is what Facebook and Twitter are for, but they also have all the extra stuff in there as well.  You connect to people like yourself, so you can talk about that one thing that binds everyone.

Bonus:  To connect with family and friends.
I started a blog back in 2009, because I had something to say, to promote what I had to say, and to connect to people like me.  I did not plan the first blog (which is now P.Lynne Designs), because I wrote about everything and everybody for the first few months.   I remember that my first post was an introduction, while the second was about resolutions.  If I was to compare my first blog post to a more recent one on any of my blogs, I would that I rambled a lot.  So, my first tip for you is to have a plan.   Having a plan ground you, it keeps you focused on what lies ahead.   It also keeps you from rambling about anything and everything.  Plan for the blog itself as well as each post.
I write my blogs in the Blogger format.  It is no different than WordPress or Tumblr, just a little bit easier.  So my next tip is to go with what makes you comfortable.  They all have their pros and cons.  I also have those same blogs in WordPress (hosted by Host Gator), and I have an account with Tumblr.  
When I start writing a post, I do everything is MS Word.   I decide the topic, and make an outline on what I want to talk
about.  Once I do that, I start writing.   Depending on the subject, there may be a little research involved.   Next, I proofread everything and read aloud. If there is something that does not sound right, I correct it.   Finally, I add in the sparkle:  bold, hypertext, underline.  It all transfer in the copy and paste except for outline and bullet points.   For some reason, Blogger like to add in their own for that.   I cut and paste into blogger, and add a picture.  I preview for final proof, and I am ready to post.   Or am I?   Sometimes I post it right away, and then there are times where I write ahead of time, and I schedule it in.  I cross off that I do not have to from that blog for that day.   Sometimes I post to one blog and sometimes all 5.  Sometimes I even stagger, so if there is a person who subscribes to all 5 of my blogs, I do not overwhelm them, if the subscribe to the RSS feed.
So that is pretty much it.  Again, I love it, and the way I write does not get in the way of how Blogger formats things, like it does not automatically capitalize the first word in a sentence on my desktop, but it does on my table.   Weird, huh?

Be blessed, my friend.